What an interesting day…

Yesterday was a rather good day but ended on a different note. The day was going well, i had got lunch with a friend and then went shopping though i didn’t buy anything. When i was talking to another friend in the evening the friend started acting extremely judgmental and rather arrogant and nasty. I just can’t understand why i get spoken to nicely sometimes by this person then treated like rubbish the next? Thing that gets me is how I didn’t say anything to aggravate the situation and rather tried to not say anything back.
On that note last night i continued with my helloworld app on the apple sdk. Had some problems being caused by unhandled exceptions that i didn’t understand because the helloworld app is an example I got from a book. Today i went on the authors site and downloaded revised code directly and it was slightly different to the book (weird?). Anyhow the program is now running so just in the process of having a play around with the app to try and get a greater understanding of the language

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