About me

Dean Kramer

Hello! I am a Software Engineer at VISA. Historically, I was a R&D Specialist at nChain focusing on Blockchains and Bitcoin. My other research interests include:

  • Dynamic Software Product Lines
  • Domain Specific Languages
  • Context-awareness (on mobiles)
  • Mobile Development
  • Graphical User Interface Engineering

I am also a professional member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the The ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (SIGSOFT).

I have many years of experience with mobile development, particularly iOS and Android.

Please find my CV at: https://deansserver.co.uk/~dean/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/CV_web.pdf


My PhD research was specifically in the area of context-aware dynamic software product-lines for mobiles (Smart phones). My research aims to improve the handling of context within DSPLs, and how to handle Feature-Oriented User Interface adaptation at compile-time, and runtime.


Following my PhD, I was involved in the following research projects:

POSEIDON: Technology support for people with Down’s Syndrome. My role within this project is developing context-aware and semantic technologies.

Previous to starting my MPhil/PhD, I worked on a couple of research projects including:

REMORA : Providing mobile software toolkits to support work-based learning and assessment for social workers

Knowledge Connect Projects involving SMEs; firstly one doing mobile development while researching into a Domain Specific Language for mobiles (see publications). Secondly was working with a openssource social-networking platform for a local youth engagement SME.


Previous Conferences

GPCE’13 (author)

PLEASE’13, at ICSE’13 (author)

M-MPAC’11, at Middleware’11 (author)


NESEA’10 (author)

SLE-DS (author)