Blueyeti – DevXS team challange


As part of DevXS, Team UWL decided to implement a bluetooth based indoor tracking software which provides location related information to students inside a university, named Blueyeti. The idea behind is to provide a mechanism to deliver information to students based on their location within the campus. This can help new students find out information regarding the place where they are, activities being held, without them needing to check any website/twitterfeed etc.

The software works by the use of a bluetooth application running on several base stations, that listens for bluetooth clients nearby, its then logs the device mac address, and sends its information out.

On the other end, the user has a mobile application running on a smart phone. This is then ideally left to listen for any connections from the base stations (when walking within range), receiving this information and then informing the user.



The sourcecode repo can be found at:

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