How time changes you

Hey guys, just got in after a night out so bare with me. To night I went out to celebrate a friends birthday, to which we went to what used to be our regular venue Mayhem. I offered to drive as its only fair to let the birthday boy drink and thought tonight would be some what something like what I was used to doing last year, which it wasn’t. It’s strange, since me and my ex finally cut contact with eachother Ive got a quite different Outlook on what it is I should be doing. For example I joined a virgin active club to try and turn my health around, and not only use up all this spare off peak time I get, but also use the time productively on gaining a healthier lifestyle. I also decided I should stay away from heavy drinkng, as that won’t make getting over someone any easier. And to be honest since this I feel so much better, I mean why pay money to end up feeling ill the following day when you can pay and feel good the next day. It’s this feeling that really made me feel out of place in the club. I actually was thinking how much I’m enjoying not going anymore, no hangovers and no trying to gain the interest of a young woman. Just occurred to me just how much some one can change in a good way over what might be thought as the wrong reasons. Will be interesting to see this holds or if its just a phase