The beginning of something…I just don’t know what…

Welcome to my blog. I am attempting to use this blog as a way conveying some of my thoughts and feeling about loads of things. God I don’t know where to start really… Ok here goes, my name is Dean, I’m a Computing University graduate now working for the University I studied at. I’m taking my Masters Degree and do hope to move onto a Ph.D afterwards. I enjoying programming a lot as I find it as a way to be creative and help solve a problem. Current on the project I working on in work I have done web programming by customising and new functionality to a open-source social networking framework named Elgg. I have also started iPhone development this week, this development will involve designing and creating a native application that bring together the previous work done by other members of the team.

That’s the work side of me out, now the more social/personal side. Well I’m single, to which I find difficulty in finding some one that truly understands me. I was with one girl for 3 3/4 years which was ended November 2007 by her. I found it very difficult to get over it, and still feel kind of scared by it, perhaps I’m not fully over it (highly likely) I don’t know. I did see one girl for about a month last year starting from valentines day, which I did enjoy my time, but we did feel that though we had a good time the direction we both wanted to go in didn’t match. Then in September I met a new girl that was amazing, we got very well and did have a quite well matched, in a nutshell that ended. I feel that I was equally to blame for this, but I do think that I did take my fair share of drama and stuff. Though we wasn’t serious we were still seeing each other until the second week of January, to which since I haven’t see her at all. I still speak and I did have plans to see a movie with her and good friend tomorrow but that got blow off for a certain new person in her life (that was quick…?). Now though I am seeing the film with just the good friend which should be good. I do hope I meet some one, though I do keep that I don’t right off people I have dated before so if one of those become a viable option to be with then perhaps that may happen.

That’s the relationship side of me out. Social I think I’m quite a laid back type of person. I do have a large serious part to me, but then I think that is important to keep myself on track. I do though enjoy letting my hair down and enjoying myself. This mostly involves friends, perhaps going to a pub for a drink, club to get drunk and dance or go and see a film at a cinema. Though I haven’t been clubbing for a while because of my situation, usually the club i go to mostly is Mayhem in Southend-On-Sea on a Monday Night. If you go, look out for a guy in a red visor. I wear this visor as way of being different as you find people wear all the same type of clothes, have similar haircuts etc. and i just wanted to be different. I also find that wearing the visor recognise you more because of this.

This is probably where I’m going to leave you to start with. I will try and blog as often as I can (daily) to which I will talk more about myself and random thoughts of mine.